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Accinctus - Services

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Continuity Advisor Services


  • Does your business or organization preparedness requirements not perfectly fit other models? 

  • Do you need to implement a preparedness program over a long period of time?

  • Do your requirements and desire to prepare your organization exceed your current budget?

  • Are you looking for a more creative preparedness solution?

  • Do you need short term preparedness coaching or additional assistance for your in-house continuity staff for specific projects for variable tasks over time or that require multiple professional disciplines?

  • Do you need an external review of your program, development of a single exercise or other single task that you are looking for non-traditional-consulting solution for a short-term requirements surge?

  • Do you want the benefit of a business continuity professional as part of your team without the challenges of outsourcing to multi-year contracts or insourcing by hiring a full time staff member?


Accinctus Continuity Advisor Solutions:

Your business or organization is unique and your preparedness solutions should match your requirements like tailored suit.  Accinctus Continuity Advisor Services, whether you want to think of it as "flexible consulting" or "concierge business continuity services," brings you the expertise of a business continuity professional in a flexible manner to balance your requirements, schedule, and budget.  Services can be provided as: 

  • A low, consistent number of hours per month (i.e. 5 or 10 hours per month) with an expert partner who will roll up their sleeves and help develop your preparedness program.  This solution provides long term value at less cost for SMBs.

  • A part time contract for 6 months to a year, providing an expert resource to boost your internal program.

  • A surge of expertise, either a full time professional or even a team, to address a serious area of risk, preparation for an audit, or to facilitate a large exercise. 


Contact Accinctus for a flexible solution to your preparedness challenges at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Preparedness for Faith Based & Non-Profit Organization (Prep4FBOs) 


Churches, faith-based and non-profit organizations face many of the same challenges small businesses deal with such as natural disasters, technology failures, and utility outages as well as increased threats to staff or congregant safety such as medical emergencies, bomb threats, protests, and active-shooter incidents.  These organizations also deal with other challenges: 

  • Increased unique risks related to special services including daycare, schools, or elderly care

  • A culture of service where the “doors are always open” increases security and safety risks

  • Increased need for critical services during and after disasters to support the community

  • Limited resources, small permanent staff, and a significant reliance on volunteers.


Faith based and non-profit organizations should implement simple and flexible preparedness processes using easy to use checklists that focus on mission critical functions during disasters. Training should concentrate on protecting the safety of service customers, volunteers, and other staff from the most likely threats. 


Accinctus Solutions for Faith Based and Non-Profit Organizations:
The Accinctus Preparedness for Churches and Faith-Based Organizations (Prep4FBOs) provides preparedness planning and training in a flexible, best-practice based approach that churches can utilize at 4 levels of activity depending on their requirements.   

  1. Prep4FBOs Workshop: Seminar to educate staff on basic preparedness fundamentals.  Includes a practical approach to risk analysis and developing a plan of action to address organization requirements.
  2. Prep4FBOs Assessment: Delivers a completed set of documents that lay a foundation of a preparedness program. Designed for organizations that need help establishing a program but will implement long term actions with internal resources. 
  3. Prep4FBOs Implementation Project: Full implementation of a self-sufficient preparedness program.  Applies business continuity practices using the Accinctus ADAPTABLE© model to meet preparedness requirements. 
  4. Program Review or Exercise: For organizations with established emergency procedures, Accinctus can provide an independent review or a tailored exercise to evaluate your plans and identify areas for improvement.


 Business Continuity for Large Businesses or Enterprises
(More than 1000 Employees)


  • Large and enterprise sized companies must meet risk management, business continuity, safety, and process improvement standards in a highly competitive environment.

  • Resources (people, expertise, budget, etc.) may be more available, but the risks to facilities, business operations, employees, financial expectations, and reputation of the company and corporate officers are exponentially greater than faced by SMBs. 

  • Depending on the organization, business continuity functions may be fragmented across different functions such as IT, Environmental Health & Safety, Security, Compliance, or other offices reducing the effectiveness of a business continuity program. 

  • Companies with successful business continuity programs may need outside expertise, perspectives, or reviews to find ways to improve their BC Program. 



  • Large businesses and enterprises should implement a business continuity program utilizing a standards based Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as defined in ISO 22301 or NFPA 1600. 

  • Integrate employee preparedness training with corporate training programs.  


Accinctus Solutions for Large Businesses or Enterprises: 

  1. Comprehensive business continuity consulting assistance to establish, manage, or improve your company business continuity program enhancing your internal expertise and resources.
  2. Completion of Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, or specific threat and mitigation assessments. 
  3. Completion of formal audits or internal reviews focused on program improvement, compliance, or certification to standards such as ISO 22301, NFPA 1600 or PS-Prep. 
  4. Development of a comprehensive training program for employees, team members, managers and executives
  5. Development and facilitation of exercises to identify gaps in program effectiveness and highlight areas for improvement.
  6. On-call emergency operations assistance to continuity teams or managers during or after a disaster when extra expertise and manpower is required.


Preparedness for Growing Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)
(50-500 Employees / 500-1000 Employees)



  • SMBs are expected to meet higher expectations in regards to standards, safety programs, and other requirements that they may not be aware of due to a lack of internal expertise in areas outside their core business.  They’ve outgrown the training wheels and it is not acceptable to say “I didn’t know” to regulators, customers, or suppliers. 

  • Preparedness / business continuity processes may be difficult to fully implement until leadership commits the staff and financial resources.

  • The organization may still believe incorrect assumptions such as “Our insurance will take care of everything after a disaster.”

  • Only 25% of SMBs have taken action to prepare for disasters and disruptions.  The three-quarters of SMBs in the U.S. without any preparedness planning have between a 20-33% chance of surviving after a disaster.


As a business grows the mindset towards preparedness should also evolve:  

  • Business continuity / preparedness should have a designated representative to manage the development of continuity planning or a business partner who can provide that expertise.

  • The focus for preparedness should expand beyond basic employee and customer safety to include planning for impacts from disasters on critical operations and company reputation. 

  • Employee training should evolve beyond a one-and-done approach to a regular structure at least annually. 

  • A documented Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should match company culture and requirements and show greater intent to safeguard employees and operations beyond minimum legal compliance. 


Accinctus Solutions for SMBs: 

  1. Development of an appropriately structured business continuity program based on the Accinctus ADAPTABLE© model including a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), and a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which should address mitigation and disaster recover (IT) considerations.
  2. Tailored employee preparedness and response team training integrated into your current employee training program.


Preparedness for Micro & Small Businesses

(1-50 Employees)



  • Micro & small businesses are challenged to balance limited resources (time, people, budget) with business demands.

  • Traditional preparedness and business continuity has not focused on small business so most tools, systems, and training were not designed to fit the needs of small business.

  • Small businesses tend to incorrectly believe that disasters won’t happen to them or there is nothing they can do to prepare.  Less than 25% of SMBs total take any preparedness actions at all which contributes to the fact that they have the lowest survival rate of any business after a disruption or disaster.  Even small incidents can put a small business out of business.



Micro & small businesses should implement simple and flexible preparedness steps that: 

  • Provide large gains for small investment of time and resources focused on the most likely 3-5 threats.

  • Utilize self-guided tools and easy to use checklists in times of crisis.

  • Focus training on basic preparedness and response to protect customer and employee safety from the most likely threats.

  • Ensure basic legal compliance. 


Accinctus Solutions for Micro & Small Businesses:

  1. A no-cost initial assessment to identify your requirements based on regulatory and operational preparedness needs.
  2. Accinctus Preparedness for Micro & Small Businesses Seminar is a 2 hour seminar to educate small business owners on basic concepts of business preparedness, legal requirements, and a practical approach to establishing preparedness actions.
  3. Accinctus Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Workshop provides instruction and a simple template and toolset helping you develop your own EAP to ensure employee safety and compliance with OSHA requirements for businesses with more than 10 employees.
  4. Accinctus Preparedness Implementation Project for Micro & Small Business will help a small business develop a foundation preparedness program meeting regulatory and operational requirements using the concise Accinctus ADAPTABLE© model.
  5. Basic preparedness training to teach employees correct response actions in case of an emergency or disaster.







Accinctus Business Continuity Services

Accinctus provides a full range of business continuity services tailored to fit your requirements and culture helping your business be prepared for disasters and disruptive events.  We partner with you to find a scaled solution to your business continuity needs rather than forcing a cookie-cutter approach. 

Our services are structured to fit the diverse requirements of clients including:

Micro & Small Businesses

Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Large Businesses & Enterprises

Faith-Based & Non-Profit Organizations

Business Preparedness and Continuity Services include:

  • Accinctus Continuity Advisor Services

  • Training, seminars, and workshops

  • Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analysis

  • Business Continuity Program Implementation & Management

  • Plan development for Emergency Action Plans (EAP) & Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

  • Exercise design and facilitation and application of lessons learned through a formal After Action Review (AAR) process

  • Emergency operations / incident management assistance

  • Program reviews and audits to business continuity standards such as ISO 22301, NFPA 1600, PS-Prep